Welcome ​Prof.Ying Huang (黄莺) from Liuzhou Railway Vocational Technical College to be commmittee mermber !

Prof.Ying Huang (黄莺),

Liuzhou Railway Vocational Technical College,China

Research Area: 

1.Intelligent Detection and Control Technology

2.Artificial Intelligence

3.High-speed Rail Signal Vocational Education Equipment Technology

Research experience: 

Academic Awards:

1.The main research areas are Intelligent Detection and Control Technology, Artificial Intelligence, High-speed Rail Signal Vocational Education Equipment Technology. High-speed rail signal equipment is used in the national vocational skills competition, and has been used in more than 30 railway and transportation vocational colleges, which is used for students and enterprise workers skills training and skills competition.

2.He has been awarded the eighth batch of outstanding young scientific and technological talents in Liuzhou City, and the outstanding scholar of Guangxi University of Higher Education.


4 kinds of scientific research projects are hosted and 4 educational and teaching topics are Chaired. Authorized 1 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, 12 items of computer software copyright and more than 40 teaching and research papers, including 4 SCI and 6 EI search papers.