Welcome Prof.Shaoke Chen from Shantou University to be committee member!

Prof.Shaoke Chen

Shantou University,China

Research Area:

Mechatronic EngineeringRobot,CAD/CAM

Research Experience:

Academic career:

I am mainly engaged in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation teaching, and scientific research work. I specialize in mechanical and electronic engineering, robots, and light industrial machinery, molds, CAD/CAM and other aspects of advanced research. 

Academic Awards:

1. I chaired and participated in more than 20 science and technology projects and departments in Guangdong Province, especially in Jieyang City and Shantou City. 

2. I have successfully applied for more than RMB 10 million research funds and published over 70 papers on important journals in China and abroad, among which more than 20 papers have been collected by EI, two monographs have been published by Shanghai Jiaotong University Press and China Power Publishing House. 

3. I also hold six national invention patents, more than 20 utility model patents and registered one copyright. At present, I am an evaluation expert of Guangdong Province's Science and Technology Project, an evaluation expert of Shantou City's Science and Technology Project, an evaluation expert of Packaging Engineering Periodical, and the Director of Shantou Mold Association.