Welcome Prof.Junxi Bi (毕俊喜) from Inner Mongolia University to be committee member.

Prof.Junxi Bi (毕俊喜)

Inner Mongolia University of Technology,

 Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department,China

Research Area: 

Fault diagnosis and performance prediction/NC Technology

Research experience: 

Academic career:

1. Bi Junxi, Director of the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering(civil aviation engineering),  Aviation College of Inner Mongolia University of technology, Professor, Ph.D, Master Instructor. 

2. Member of China mechanical engineering society, member of inner Mongolia aviation society, member of Shanghai robot society, Inner Mongolia autonomous region new century " 321 talents", Inner Mongolia autonomous region bidding association, Inner Mongolia autonomous region finance department, Hohhot public resources trading center government procurement evaluation expert, Inner Mongolia autonomous region science and technology department project evaluation and acceptance expert, Inner Mongolia science and technology consulting expert, Inner Mongolia autonomous region vocational skills competition referee. 

3. Undertake or participate in nearly 30 various teaching and scientific research projects such as the national natural science foundation project, the Ministry of education's cooperative education project, the Inner Mongolia natural science foundation project, the scientific research project of the Inner Mongolia higher school, the Inner Mongolia talent development fund project, and the school-enterprise cooperation project. 

Academic Awards:

1. Excellent master's thesis tutor in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. 

2. It has obtained 2 patents for authorized inventions, 11 patents for utility models and published more than 40 high-level academic papers, of which 1 is included in SCI, 11 are included in EI, and one is published as a national mechanical and electrical planning textbook.