Welcome A.Prof.Ho Ming-Hsiung (何明雄) from Nanya Institute of Technology to be committee member.

A.Prof.Ho Ming-Hsiung(何明雄)

Nanya Institute of Technology,TaiWan,China

Research Area:

1. Mechanical Design

2. Fracture mechanics

3. Fatigue testing

Research Experience:

Course of Research Topics

My professional research areas are in mechanical design and analysis, vehicle component durability testing, material fatigue testing, and sensing element design and fabrication.

The research topics of high tensile steel plate fatigue testing and forming analysis had built some material properties database for 8 years.

Recently, research topic was the electromagnetic steel sheet of the electric vehicle motor subjected to high temperature and high cycle fatigue tests. The results of fatigue parameters required for the design are thus obtained to verify the durability properties.

Simultaneously, my laboratory is assisting the engine production company to carry out low cycle fatigue experiments for a variety of high-temperature environments on engine body materials. From these results, relevant material parameters are obtained to provide CAE analysis and application. Subsequent, the next research stage is the high-cycle fatigue test of the engine body components.

Commission the experimental product components or provide experimental technical advice. In addition, it also provides assessment suggestions for stress analysis and structural design of the cooperative manufacturer's products.

Regarding technical services, our laboratory provides assessment opinions for fatigue design analysis, stress analysis and structural design of products. 

Academic Awards:

In the course of the research, related experimental technologies had applied for intellectual property patents. At present, there are 10 patents obtained, and 3 patents are currently in the application.