Welcome Dr.Yinhu QIAO (乔印虎) from Anhui Science and Technology University, to be committee member.

Dr.Yinhu QIAO (乔印虎)

AnhuiScience and Technology University/School of Mechanical Engineering,China

Research Area:

Wind turbine blade,Hydraulic transmission

Research Experience:

Academic career:

QiaoYinhu, male, a member of the Communist Party of China, Ph. D., associate professor, master tutor. Assistant dean of School of mechanical engineering, Anhui Science and Technology University. 

Academic Awards:

1. 9 kinds of scientific research projects are hosted, and 5 key subjects of Anhui Science and Technology University are involved in various scientific research projects.

2.  Hosting 7 teaching and research projects and 2 teaching achievement awards at the university level. 

3. Authorized 4 invention patents, 3 utility model patents, and more than 30 teaching and research papers, including 2 SCI and 8 EI search papers.