Welcome Dr.Libiao Bai(白礼彪)from Chang’An University, to be committee member.

Dr.Libiao Bai(白礼彪) 

Chang’An University

 School of Economics & Management, China

Research Area:

1. Systems Engineering

2. Intelligent Algorithm

3. Decision Optimization

4. Project management 

research experience: 

Academic Awards:

Since 2010, I have joined the research team to start my research work and participated in some research projects, which are about how to manage project portfolio, the project complexity’s influences on cost, evolutionary mechanism and control modeling of time and cost optimization base on the theory of Ant Colony Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm. 

Participating projects :

[1] Organizational project management maturity model in China based on C-PMBOK .

[2] Project Portfolio Management and its Optimization Model Study based on Organization's Strategic Orientation. 

[3] Shaanxi Aero Enterprise Operation Mode based on Project Management Innovation .

[4] Project Portfolio Management Progress Cycle Integrated Optimization study based on DSM. 

[5] Shaanxi Provincial Construction Project Multi-Project Cooperative Management Based on Big Data.

[6] Construction Standards, Implementation Modes and Dynamic Optimization of Project Group Based on Collaborative Principles.

[7] Construction of Brittle Structural Network and the Measurement of Brittleness Risk of Highway Infrastructure Construction Project Group