Welcome Dr.Mohammad M. Karimi from University of Kansas to be committee member!

Dr.Mohammad M. Karimi from University of Kansas,USA

Research Area:

1- Constitutive modeling
2- Linear and non-linear finite element modeling
3- Viscoelasticity and viscoplasticity
4- Asphalt binder and concrete characterization
5- Experimental testing of the asphalt binder and asphalt concrete
6- Asphalt concrete and pavement modeling
7- Long-term performance of asphalt pavements
8- Pavement structure monitoring

Research experience:

1- Constitutive Modeling of Hardening-Relaxation Response of Asphalt Concrete in Cyclic Compressive Loading.
2- Development of a stress-mode sensitive viscoelastic constitutive relationship for asphalt concrete: experimental and numerical modeling.
3- Viscoelastic-based approach to evaluate low temperature performance of asphalt binders.
4- Relaxation of Hardening in Asphalt Concrete under Cyclic Compression Loading.
5- Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Low Temperature Performance of Modified Asphalt Binders and Mixtures.
6- Experimental Investigation of Rest Time Effect on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Concrete. 
7- A Thermodynamic-Based Large Deformation Viscoplastic Constitutive Relationship for Asphalt Concrete Compaction.
8- Effects of Rest and Load Time on Asphalt Mixture Compaction.
9- Evaluating Relaxation of Hardening of Asphalt Concrete.
10- Microstructure-Based Visco-Elastoplastic Continuum Model of Asphalt Concrete.
11- Micromechanical Modeling of the Viscoelastic Performance of the Asphalt Concrete Using Finite Element Method.
Compaction Modeling of Asphalt Using Thermo-visco-elastoplastic Constitutive Relationships Considering Large Deformations.s