Welcome Haijun Li(李海军) from Inner Mongolia agricultural university to be committee member!

Prof. Haijun Li (李海军),

 Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,China

Research Area:

1. Intelligence of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Equipment

2. Mechanical and electrical integration

Research experience: 

Scientific research work:

1. Mainly engaged in agricultural and animal husbandry equipment intelligence and mechanical and electrical integration and other aspects of scientific research work.  

2. He presided over one project of Inner Mongolia Talent Development Fund, one project of Inner Mongolia University Scientific Research, and participated in many projects such as National Natural Science Fund and Inner Mongolia Natural Science Fund. 

 3. He has published more than 20 scientific papers as the first author (correspondence author).

Scientific research project

(1)  Rheological study of agricultural fiber materials during baling and optimization design of baling machine;  

(2)  Research on performance test and optimal design of piston milking machine;  

(3)  Study on the effect of piston milking machine on mastitis of dairy cattle;

(4)  Key Course Construction of Electrical Technology ;

(5)  Network Teaching Research of Electrical Engineering;

(6)  Excellent Network Teaching Course Construction of Electrical Technology。