Welcome Yingtang Li(李英堂) from Lanzhou University of Technology to be committee member!

Dr. Yingtang Li (李英堂),

Lanzhou University of Technology 

School of Computer and Communications,China

Research Area:

1. Satellite Attitude Control System Designing & Simulation.

2. Brain Electrical Activity Mapping Instrument Designing and Testing.

3. IC Card Payphone Terminal Designing.

4. Control System Designing & Simulating for appliance(washer/dishwasher).

5. Vehicle Monitor System Designing with GPRS & GPS.

6. Wind Farm Control and Optimization

Research experience: 

Academic awards:

1.  He has published more than 10 papers in domestic academic journals, some of which have been published in authoritative journals such as Journal of Astronautics and China's Space Science and Technology.  Reviewer of Journal of Astronautics. 

2.  He has worked as a research and development engineer in Alcatel, General Electric and other companies, and has completed the design and development of many embedded system products as project leader.  

3.  Participated in or presided over the design and simulation of a small satellite attitude control system, the development of brain electrical activity mapping instrument, the development of ic card telephone system, the development of embedded gprs data terminal, the development of automobile abs/esc electronic control system, etc.