Welcome Zhang qiang(张强) from Shandong University of Science and Technology to be committee member!

Prof. Qiang Zhang(张强),

Shandong University of Science and Technology

School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering,China

Research Area:

mechanical design and theory

Research experience: 

Academic awards:

1. Zhang Qiang won 21 provincial and ministerial awards for science and technology, including 2 second-class awards for Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award (2012, 2018) and 1 third-class award (2017);  

2. One first prize (2018), two second prizes (2013, 2014) and one third prize (2015) of the Science and Technology Award of China Occupational Safety Association;  

2. One first prize (2018), one second prize (2017) and three third prizes for the Science and Technology Award of China Coal Industry Association;  

3. There are 3 second prize (2014, 2015, 2016), 2 third prize, 1 third prize of Zhongguancun Green Mine Industry Alliance Science and Technology Award, and 3 other science and technology awards above the provincial level.

Scientific research project:

In the past five years, he has presided over more than 30 scientific research projects with a total scientific research fund of more than 10 million yuan, including 3 national natural science fund projects, 1 doctoral research fund project of the Ministry of education, 1 key research and development technology project of Liaoning province, 1 natural science fund project of Liaoning province, 1 innovative talents plan project of Liaoning province, 1 young scholars growth plan project of Liaoning province, and 2 million talents project projects of Liaoning province.  As the head of the second unit, he undertakes one sub-project of the national key research and development plan, and as the second head, he undertakes two special projects of major scientific and technological equipment in Liaoning province.


1. He has published 67 papers in the past five years (including 8 by SCI and 15 by EI);  

2. He has published the monograph "Mechanism of Induced Unloading of High Stress Rocks and Multi-pick Cooperative Rock Breaking" (supported by the Publishing Fund of Liaoning Provincial Association of Science and Technology). As the first completer, he has one international PCT invention patent, 29 national invention patents and 16 national invention patents accepted.

3. He has presided over the compilation of four national energy technical standards, including "Mechanical Performance Test Methods for Drum Shearer Part 1: Laboratory Tests", "Test Methods for Matching Performance of Three Machines in Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Face", "Energy Saving Technology Methods for Drum Shearer", "Energy Saving Technology Methods for Cantilever Roadheader Part 1: Longitudinal Shaft Roadheader".