Welcome Bin Liu(刘斌) from Dalian University of Technology to be committee member!

Prof. Bin Liu (刘斌),

Dalian University of Technology,International 

School of Information Science & Engineering,China

Research Area:

1. Computer Vision and Graphics
2. Medical Image Processing and 3-D Reconstruction
3. Computer-Assisted Preoperative Planning and Simulation

Research experience: 

Academic honor:

1. He is a CCF member in china computer federation, ACM member of American Computer Society, MICCAI members, technical director of Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Simulation Technology, and GF project reviewer.

2. He currently chairs 2 general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and participates in 1 project of the national key research and development plan.


He has published a total of 21 papers.

[1]刘斌.An automatic personalized internal fixation plate modeling framework for minimally invasive long bone fracture surgery based on pre-registration with maximum common subgraph strategy[J],Computer-Aided Design,2019,107(2):1-11

[2]刘斌.A Computer Assisted Automatic Grenade Throw Training System with Simple Digital Cameras[J],Multimedia Tools and Applications,2018,77(24):31693-31712

[3]刘斌.A Cerebrovascular Image Segmentation Method Based on Geometrical Feature Point Clustering and Local Threshold[J],Current Medical Imaging Reviews,2018,14(5):748-770

[4]刘斌.A Vessel Segmentation Method for Serialized Cerebralvascular DSA Images Based on Spatial Feature Point Set of Rotating Coordinate System[J],Computer methods and programs in biomedicine,2018,161:55-72

[5]刘斌.An Automatic and Serialized ROI Extraction Framework for the Slow-motion Video Frames[J],Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation,2018,55:270-318

[6]Jiahua Wang,张建新,Qiule Sun,刘斌,Qiang Zhang.Robust Deep Gaussian Descriptor for Texture Recognition[A],2018 Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia,2018,448-457

[7]Li, Haojie,Liu, Bin,Yi, Lei,Guan, Yue,Luo, Zhong-Xuan.On the tag localization of web video[J],MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS,2016,22(4,SI):405-412

[8]Liu, Bin,Li, Haojie.An object segmentation method for the color slow-motion videos based on adjacent frames gradual change[J],MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS,2015,74(17):7285-7329