Prof.Junxi Bi

Inner Mongolia University of Technology,China

Speech Title: Thoughts on the Development Status of China Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 and Aero Engine


The presentation will  present background of China Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing 2025,Characteristics of Aviation Manufacturing,Status and Case of Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing at Home and Abroad ,Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 Development Roadmap,Key Bottleneck Technology of Intelligent Manufacturing in Aviation Field , Aero Engine Status,Requirements for Aero Engine Manufacturing,Market Prediction.


Prof.Georgios Theodoropoulos

Southern University of Science and Technology

Speech Title: Big Modelling: Modelling and Simulation in the Era of Big Data


The emergence of extreme scale computing systems and the data explosion have presented an unprecedented opportunity for the analysis of systems at a rapidly increasing scale, complexity and granularity. Digital Twins is the culmination of this paradigm shift and calls for an info-symbiotic intermingling of “what-if” and data analytics approaches at a grand scale that would enable holistic analysis of complex socio-technical systems-of-systems. The talk will focus on the interplay between simulation and data in info-symbiotic systems, identifying gaps and opportunities and discussing some concrete examples.


Prof. Jizhong Zhu

South China University of Technology 

Speech Title:Application of Power Electronic Technology in Integrated Smart Energy System


Power electronic technology is a key technology in the optimal operation and coordinated control of integrated smart energy system. It is very closely related to the development of modern power system, large scale of application of renewable energies, as well as rapid development of electric vehicles and energy storages. Therefore, the innovation of power electronic technology will directly impact the implementation and development of integrated smart energy system. This topic will analyze the huge advantages of power electronic technology development when it is applied to the above-mentioned areas in integrated smart energy system.


Prof. Dongfang Yang

College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Guizhou Minzu University

Speech Title:The Mode and Definition of the Content Variation Angle by Yang Dongfang


This paper studies the content change of Pb in the surface and bottom water of Jiaozhou Bay and its settlement process according to the investigation materials in May, August and October in the year 1991. The author comes up with the definition and mode of Yang Dongfang content variation angle. Through the changing process of the content variation angle, this study determines the changing degree to which the substance content varies over time, and gives the standard of changing degree. Classifying the Yang Dongfang content variation angle in the interval [-90°,90°] to many intervals [-90°,-60°,-45°,-30°, 0°,30°,45°,60°,90°], this study elaborates the standard of changing degree to which the substance content changing over time, and quantitatively reveals the horizontal changing process of substance content in the surface and bottom layers and vertical changing process between surface and bottom layers. Calculating the result based on the definition and mode of Yang Dongfang content variation angle, the author gets the conclusion that the Yang Dongfang content variation angle is 79.15°in the surface water from May to August, and -83.96°from August to October. In the bottom water, it is 81.68°from May to August and -84.25°from August to October. According to the scale of temporal and spatial variation, human activity has directly increased the Pb content in surface layer to a higher degree, and may also radically decrease the Pb content to a lower level. Furthermore, the Pb content in the bottom and surface layers varies the same after getting through the water body. As the changing over time, the decrease of Pb content in surface and bottom water body is consistent under the effects of gravity and water stream. Therefore, human beings must keep a clean marine environment and reduce the emission of Pb content as far as possible.