Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾




 Prof.Steven Guan,Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool Uiversity

Title:Opportunities and Challenges in Information Communications Technology

Abstract :This talk introduces the overall trends of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and presents an overview for opportunities and challenges in ICT. Critical issues, research problems and developments of ICT in various areas are addressed, such as green computing, Internet computing, mobile computing, and intelligent computing. Opportunities and challenges in relevant areas are also covered, for example, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data analytics. Critical development of ICT in various aspects are proposed thereafter. Finally, the challenges faced by the higher education sector are also discussed.



Prof.Hongjun Ni,College of Mechanical Engineering, Nantong University, Nantong

Title:Design and Experiment of Winter Jujube Havesting and Sorting Device

Abstract :According to the existing problems of winter jujube havesting, such as the intensive labor of manual picking, damage to the surface of winter jujubes, a winter jujube havesting and sorting device was developed. The structure and working principles of the device were described, and the main relevant parameters were analyzed and determined. This device consisted of vibration mechanism, collection mechanism, sorting mechanism, electric control system and other parts. The eccentric vibration mechanism made the winter jujubes fall, and the umbrella-shaped collection mechanism reduced the impact force between winter jujubes and ground, and the sorting mechanism removed jujube leaves and divided the jujube into two types, and the automatic leveling mechanism made the device run smoothly in the field and reduced turbulence. Through finite element analysis and related calculations, the results show that: when the vibration frequency is 7Hz, the maximum amplitude of jujube tree reaches 10mm, and the picking effects are good; the impact force of winter jujubes falling is related to the elastic modulus of umbrella material; the collecting area can be increased 4 times for each additional step of the collection mechanism; jujube leaves can be effectively removed when blower wind speed reaches 40m/s, according to the evaluation standard grades of the jujubes havesting and sorting, the device has good effects and the excellent rate up to 90%, which has good practicability and economy.