Hohhot is located in the northern border of China and within Eurasia.Hohhot has a long history and brilliant culture. Hohhot is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Hohhot is a national historical and cultural city, a national forest city, a national innovative pilot city, a national model city of national unity and progress, a national model city of double support, a Chinese excellent tourist city and a top 100 city of China's economic strength. Hohhot is known as " China's milk capital".


Hohhot has a large number of museums and cultural relics, and is one of the important tourist distribution centers that go north to the grassland, west to the desert, south to the Yellow River and east to Beijing and Tianjin. There are general government offices in Monan and Mobei under the jurisdiction of the Qing Dynasty. The golden steel relic pagoda with the only existing astronomical stone carvings in Mongolian in China and the world; There are also Hadamard Plateau Ranch, Shenquan Ecotourism Scenic Area and Hasuhai, West Lake beyond the Great Wall.In Hohhot you can experience the surprises and wonderfulness that this city has given you.